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Our courses cater for absolute beginners, through to experienced welders wanting to improve their skills.

All equipment and materials included.  

The following courses are available:

ETTO's Aluminium Tig Welding Course

This is a two day aluminium TIG welding course, utilising a fully equipped training workshop. The course includes all tooling, equipment and materials. We guarantee never to have more than a 1:1 student-instructor ratio, thus assuring you of the closest tuition at all times. We will teach you how to TIG weld aluminium tube and sheet, developing the fine skills to weld 1.5mm thin sheet. 

   The content includes: ​

  • Principles of TIG welding, settings, balance, frequency, amperage, pulsing, pedal, 2T, 4T, pre-flow, post flow, up-slope, down slope

  • Equipment - Invertors, gas regulators, torch bodies, electrode types, flow meters

  • Types of Aluminium series and filler rods

  • Preparation and process 

  • Techniques - Tacking, fusion tacking, fusion welding, pulsing including manual pulsing

  • Stainless steel work - Covering back purging and distortion

If you have a specific requirement you'd like to cover during the course please get in touch beforehand.




Price £750




Price £350



The fabrication course teaches you the basics for any bike build, covering all elements of cutting, bending, shrinking and stretching, whether you need to make a sub-frame, battery box, brackets or any other parts for your motorcycle project. This is a one day course and includes all equipment and materials.

 The content covers:

  • Tooling requirements - including how to make hand tools, T-dollies and chasers

  • Shrinking - using shrinking forks, and various machines

  • Stretching - Using shot-bags, bossing mallets and various machinery; including the English wheel

  • Beading, flaring and rounding over

  • Fabricating flanges on a radius 

  • Cutting techniques

  • Bending techniques

  • Concepts of bend allowances whether sheet or tube

  • Tube bending

  • Bracket production and stress point consideration

  • Annealing 

  • Tube notching, by hand and using various types of tools/machinery

If you have a specific requirement you'd like to cover during the course

please get in touch beforehand.



PRICE £1,250


This course covers how to  design and build a motorcycle fuel tank from scratch. Including the skills to make not only basic motorcycle tanks for half-duplex frames (single spine), through to complex superbike tanks, with complex compound curves. The techniques taught enable the student to also replicate any tank. This is particularly relevant as many tanks are becoming increasingly difficult to obtain. This is a three day course and includes all equipment and materials.

The course content includes:

  • Design techniques

  • Templates, formers and buck production

  • Patterns

  • Materials - alloys, differing tempers and useage, filler rod choices

  • Welding process - TIG vs Gas

  • Shaping techniques

  • Fitment process and stages

  • Tank top considerations

  • Base production

  • Fuel tap mounting

  • Fixing mounts

  • Filler caps

  • Breathers and baffling

  • Leak testing

If you have a specific requirement you'd like to cover during the course

please get in touch beforehand



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