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ETTO weld course
ETTO Motorcycles weld course



"I was on Ian's welding course in Dec 2019 and within 2 days had progressed from blasting holes in aluminium sheet with my 'Herman Munster foot' to making decent looking welds, on a variety of thicknesses of sheet and box section. Ian's knowledge, skill, easy teaching style and above all humour, when being severely tested by the village idiot, are second to none. A thoroughly enjoyable and highly recommended course"

Sean Lyley

"The three days welding and fabricating, I spent with Ian, were both enjoyable and informative. Ian is a natural educator and managed to both encourage me and correct me, without instilling any negative feelings or letting me dwell on my mistakes.  He's passionate about building bikes and I learnt so much more than how to weld and fabricate, simply from our conversations about project ideas.  Before the course I thought I'd come away with the knowledge to fabricate a sub-frame or fairing support.  I actually came away with 100% confidence that I can design, fabricate and weld a complete set of bodywork in aluminium. Unbelievable!"

Nick Doran

"I was struggling with ally welding and then I came across Ian's website, he does a two day course TIG welding.  Its not like sitting in a classroom, he explains the welding set-up and the welder. Then he sets you up and sorts out all your faults  and gets you welding, its a good atmosphere.  You not only come away with being able to ally weld, but you have a new mate.  I still ring Ian when I get stuck and it's never any trouble, he tells me what I am doing wrong.  Its well worth the effort to go on the course"

Nigel King - Ex Mitsu mechanic

"Some people think of welders as socially inept misanthropes who would rather let their welding do the talking than bid you good morning.

Ian is not like that. Obviously he TIG welds like a fiend. But he also overflows with enthusiasm to get you to the same place. His tuition is patient and funny, which is vital if your ego is as fragile as mine. Even with my crap efforts he found something praiseworthy to focus on. The man is an inspiration. I cannot recommend his course enough"

Rupert Paul - Motorcycle journalist and owner of Rupes Rewires

"I can guarantee that Ian is an excellent teacher, he taught me to ally TIG weld where a night school course failed.  He makes learning fun, highly recommended"

Tony Garnham-Parks. Owner of  CCR Paints and Custom Cafe Racers

"I went on the 2 day welding course with Ian and it has been a total game changer for me. I turned up with no welding skills or experience at all, and left being able to weld 16 gauge ally plate (1.5mm thick)! I also left with a solid understanding of all the factors and variables that you need to consider when tackling a welding job, so I've been able to successfully tackle a range of jobs in ally and steel covering all kinds of joints and material thicknesses. It's like I've got a new super power."

Chris Beadsmore

"I can absolutely recommend the two day welding course. As a complete novice to welding I was able to leave two days later with the capability to understand the basics of aluminium welding and some of my own handiwork to boot. Ian is a diligent and effective tutor.  It was great fun and I can't wait to enjoy another of his courses"

Ian King - King Racing 12 time FIM TOP Fuel European Champions, World and European Record holders

"I really struggled to find a short focused aluminium welding course and most of the individuals I have met, doing my bike projects, work to their own timescales.  Ian at ETTO Motorcycles was different. He also understood that as an architect I wanted to design and make as much of my project as possible.  By day two I was happily stacking the dimes. I learnt more than just welding i.e. how to consider the properties of aluminium, heat transfer, structural joining principles and got to see loads of examples of good practice in his work shop projects. Ian has certainly been a great mentor"

Jerry Major

"A fantastic course and a real gem of a find. Ian totally busts the myth that TIG welding is some sort of dark art that is not to be attempted by the faint hearted and you come away with the knowledge and skills to continue practicing and improving on your own.  Ian is a great guy and he makes learning TIG welding a pleasure. His enthusiasm and passion for the craft is completely infectious and since attending the course I haven't stepped down from my soap box spreading the gospel according to ETTO to my friends.  Looking forward to attending the up and coming fabrication course next month"

Jez Perkins

"Had a great time on Ian's 2 day TIG welding course, by lunchtime the first day I was welding aluminium and by the end of day two I was feeling pretty confident to have a crack at any weird shaped joint  Ian came up with.  Thoroughly enjoyable and instructive 2 days, the banter, copious amounts of tea and good cafe down the road, all added up to the experience"

Tony Edwards

"Learning with Ian was a liberating and motivating experience. He is so helpful and encouraging throughout the day and he tailors the day to suit what you want to learn to do. I went from being unable to weld aluminium to being able to repair a damaged 30 year old Moto Morini crank case, with Ian's help and encouragement in the welding course. Simply, I loved the experience and hope and plan to return for another course"

Julian Harty

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